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Email Marketing Services

We believe to be the one to stand out in a crowd. We differentiate ourselves by blending technology and creativity to deliver what we promise; we are good at what we do. With our incredible imagination in Digital Email Marketing, our campaigns are unique with positive response and always outperform today’s mundane market trends. Every success story starts with a dream – is our motto.


Our creative designers create email marketing campaigns, where people actually click. First of all, we have amazing subject lines, precise design, enticing content and preview text. They are short and punchy yet simple, desired to fit perfectly to suit the requirement of the client.

Our data analysis begins with the thought about people who would be reading the marketing campaigns. How much of ‘what we know’ of our targeted customers? Our strongest buyer personas are based on the acumen of what we gather from our readers through survey and market search.

Our marketing campaigns comply with conversion optimization, which aims to make the ads easy to consume, eye catchy and an ardent impact on the targeted customers. This further, makes our customers to magnetize to our service, and crave or create an urge to connect with us.

Our quality assurance and testing is a subset of the overall usability goal, after all, an ad campaign isn’t usable if it isn’t working. Quality Assurance is a vital step in the ad development process and we want people to click and feel confident about the quality of the information they obtain.

Email Marketing

Track your success with real-time reporting and analytics

Review detailed stats to learn what's working, and what's not

Compare all of your emails to see which perform better

We’ve proved it. to make it a Success and BIG too!

Our early vision and involvement in the industry allowed us to see ahead of the future marketing needs . We chose the path we knew would be best suited for those we serve, our pleased clients and we’re so very proud of the outcome, righteously to say ‘More than what we wished for.

Our driving factor today and always will be to ensure all those we connect with are informed, how we put our best foot forward to provide best-in-class services to our customers. Needlessly to put it in words, our performance speaks for itself.

Works Very Well!

1.21GWS has focused on delivering quality and promising services to its customers, fulfilling their expectations and meeting every legal or technical requirement in Services while promoting Campaigns with good Open Rates. It has been our sincere efforts towards the definition of quality deliverables, the correct estimation of times and costs and setting up a robust Platforms with healthier Data and for better Deliverability involving methodical approach in every stage of the Campaign Management.

So far...

• With average Open Rates 20 – 25%
• Increased Inboxing Ratio
• Thorough testing of Creatives
• Zero spamming with reputed Domains
• Radical increase in ROI

Doing things right and our unquenchable thirst for commitment to quality, and also our expertise in Email Marketing has brought us this far and keep us going towards our goal. We do this as a means to give back our customer what they deserve and thank them for helping us to grow both as a company and as individuals, which is a privilege.

Our Vision for the Future

We are thriving to the future, and working on expanding into new markets and reaching new clients. Our controlled but steady growth and the need to pursue better and higher goals every year, our ability to think outside the box, undoubtedly motivates us to develop business to the next level to serve our customers for many years to come.


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