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Data and List Management Services

Data and List Management Services

Data is the very foundation on which the fate of any marketing campaign rests. And that underscores the importance of how Data is collected, maintained, updated, refreshed and replenished.

Understanding how data affects your campaigns is half the battle. Installing efficient and streamlined guidelines to the type of data you collect, greatly enhances your chances. Data management includes data hygiene processes, removing bad data, updating data sets and ensuring all contacts are viable when project commencement happens.

You cannot ignore the fact that your data is one of the most important aspect of your business. The huge volume of data collated every must be maintained and managed to ensure you make the best out of it. Without a proper data management system in place your company would end up having data that is:
• Inaccurate
• Invalid
• Outdated
• Misplaced
• Duplicate
• Faulty
This will be simply suicidal for any business since no business can run with faulty or inaccurate data. A prerequisite for any successful database marketing campaign is a clean database of correct contact details.

At 1.21GWS, we help organizations manage their databases by:

• Cleaning them up – Handling bounces, removing defunct names and emails, and the like.
• Segmenting – We segment databases according to niches, demographics, products.
• Updating – We keep databases current by constantly checking and updating names, emails, and telephone numbers.
• Improve your data quality
• Validate your data with the help of data validation and data verification services
• Clean your database at regular intervals
• Maintain your data consistency
• Identify your dirty data and enhance the database by updating it
• Refresh your data with regular updates


Marketing campaigns are no longer what it used to be earlier. Today you need to own a solid contact database of customers and prospects to conduct a successful marketing campaign. A database with missing fields and invalid data is not going to fetch your ROI. In fact, it will hamper your brand name and cost you lot of campaign loss.

Your best solution is to opt for data appending services. Through data appending youcan match accurate data against the current records present in your database and add the missing fields in your database. This process will validate and enhance your database quality and improve your marketing opportunities.

At 1.21 GWS we have a master database of millions of records from different industry segments. Based on data present we match each data and fill in the missing fields. It is extremely important for you to maintain the hygiene of your database and ensure you maintain the database quality. This way you can:

• Reach your potential customers
• Bring down the marketing campaign costs
• Remove inaccurate, invalid and duplicate data from your database
• Increase campaign response rates


At 1.21GWS, we are a uniquely distinctive incorporation, dedicated to update and escalate your endowment. Our team is an assortment of highly efficient and proactive individuals with a diverse range of expertise in new businesses, marketing and sales, research and development, analysis and technology, database management and operations. Our prowess and versatility allows us to have a multi-dimensional overview of the resources and technology available for new businesses and provide our clients with the resources they need to optimize their marketing and lead generation efforts. Our two-pronged approach of providing high quality targeted leads supported with an efficient, dependable and easily approachable customer service and technical support staff makes us a highly sought after and unique lead generation company

We provide precise and highly effective business information solutions to our clients to help them find new customers and grow their businesses globally. Our unique business intelligence solutions include business mailing lists, technology mailing lists, data appending, compilation of exclusive business databases of leading corporations across the globe, and critical contact information of key executives and top management of the corporate world. We offer highly accurate and comprehensive business and consumer information for your direct marketing needs, as well as complete marketing solutions like

• Email Validation
• Data Enrichment
• Email Hygiene
• Demographics Segmentation
• Email Appending (B2B, B2C, Technology and Healthcare)
• Reverse Appending
• Phone Appending, Custom List, Direct Dial Appending, SIC & industry Appending.
• We use Automated Graber tools to fetch Valid data from the different resources.

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